Grace and Ernie Collins, a husband-wife architect team, needed a break from their stressful city life. They fell in love with a piece of property in a rural community about three hours north of Vancouver. Together, they designed a mountain hideaway that’s become their spiritual retreat.

For burn survivors, a hospital ward is home during the arduous road back to life. Psychologist Leonard George‘s vision was to transform the concrete terrace adjacent to the Burn Unit into a healing garden that evokes the sensory and spiritual pleasures of the forests, rivers and mountains of BC.

Small is beautiful. In her tiny home, Denise has learned that she needs little to be happy. Nestled in her home in the south Okanagan hills, Denise delights in the bright, wooden structure’s calming effect –a result of its simple, elegant design and an absence of clutter.

Stress is as much a part of life as eating and breathing. But, too much stress can be harmful to your health – both mental and physical. Make these stress-busters a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Instructor/Host: Tamara Stanners
Video Language: English