Spontaneous Human Combustion & Is There a Curse on King Tut’s Tomb?

Encounters with the Unexplained
S1:Ep4644 mins2002

Is it possible for a human being to burst into flames without warning? Victims of purported spontaneous human combustion are literally incinerated in a flash. Mysteriously, the intense fires that consume them do not engulf the room - or even burn past the immediate area where the body rested. Could this phenomenon actually happen? Skeptics say no - but over the years there have been hundreds of documented cases that match these strange circumstances. What is the truth behind the baffling mystery known as spontaneous human combustion?

In 1922, the richest tomb in archaeological history was opened in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings: The tomb of the boy-King, Tutenkamen. Somehow, the tomb of this great and legendary ruler had remained untouched for 3,300 years. Today, forensic scientists are still trying to explain the King's death and the unexplained deaths of many who opened and inspected the tomb. Could it be they stumbled into the beginnings of biological warfare - the legendary Curse of the Pharaoh?

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