Standing with Stones: A Journey through Megalithic Britain

20072 hrs, 16 mins

Rupert Soskin travels over 8,000 miles, traversing the whole of the British Isles, to discover the wealth that is Megalithic Britain. Of the nearly 10,000 megalithic sites, we follow along with Soskin as he visits over 100 of the magnificent Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments scattered throughout these islands. The stunning photography reveals a landscape filled with enigma, mystery and more than a few surprises.

This is not a history lesson about the Neolithic people or just looking at the big monoliths. Rather it is seeking the subtle signs of how the ancients lived, believed, and thought. The intricacy and accuracy, on a vast megalithic scale, does not suggest these monuments were erected by simple farming communities. Folklore and legend mix with history and archaeology to further deepen the mystery of the people who erected these monuments.