Staying Up with a Komodo

Zoo Diaries
S5:Ep724 mins2002

Indomalaya keeper Karyn has handled a number of newborn species, but this is her first time with Sumatran tiger cubs. Today, she will help check on the Zoo’s three newest cubs and do everything possible to make sure their mother Britne doesn’t reject them afterwards. Working quickly is a must … so is smearing themselves with soiled tiger bedding.

It’s been three days since the Komodo dragon hatchling was treated for a possible infection in its umbilical cord. That means three restless nights for keeper Andrew. Time to check on this hard-earned and extremely rare baby.

Sean’s been working his way up at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Lately, he’s been learning to feed the zoo’s collection of black, grizzly and polar bears.

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