Stephen Cope and Poetry with Jane Hirshfield

Eye of the Spirit: Teachers Talking with Dinabandu
S1:Ep724 mins2002Guest: Stephen Cope, Jane Hirshfield

Part 1: Stephen Cope, scholar in residence at the Kripalu Yoga Center, blends depth of psychotheraputic awareness and yogic expertise. From the Indian subcontinent where both yoga and Buddhism originated, Buddhism was exported early on, yet yoga stayed where it was. The ground for contemplative practice in America was laid by Buddhism, and now we are seeing an explosion of interest in this 5,000-year-old practice, an embodied psychology of the fully alive human being. Stephen encourages the evolution of yoga in ways that serve and transform our 21st-century lives.

Then, Jane Hirshfield beautifully recites original poetry on the speeding up of time, and generous gestures involving society and the environment.

Instructor/Host: Dinabandu
Featuring: Stephen Cope, Jane Hirshfield
Video Language: English