Stockholm: The Hotorgshallen Market

Markets of the World
S1:Ep626 mins2002Guest: Fraser Macnaught

In the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, the Hotorgshallen Market resounds with the hustle and bustle of city life. Fruit, vegetable and flower stalls are set up in square every day, whatever the weather. Everything is precisely laid out in a very orderly fashion. The Hotorgshallen market is a little known but indispensable destination for visitors.

Inside the market visitors will find everything they need and more. We visit several shops to learn more about the various items, and people that make up the marketplace. The SystemBolaget is a state run monopoly on alcohol sales with very strict rules. We also stop by a shop that sells reindeer meat brought by the Saami from KIRUNA, about 1,000 kilometers north of Stockholm. As throughout Scandinavia, the Swedes are big consumers of fish and we visit a popular fish smoker. No matter the item, it is sure to be found here in the Hotorgshallen market.

Featuring: Fraser Macnaught
Video Language: English