Stolen Fish – Part 1

Earth Report
S14:Ep122 mins2009

Somali pirate activities off the Horn of Africa have dominated recent headlines. But there’s another maritime scandal, this time involving pirates operating off the coast of West Africa, illegally plundering global fish stocks and robbing poor countries of desperately-needed income and resources. With illegal fishing now a multimillion-dollar global business, trawlers from most major fishing nations have flocked to the coast of West Africa – one of the richest fishing grounds in the world. Produced with the help of Greenpeace and the Environmental Justice Foundation, Stolen Fish shows how shadowy flags of convenience make it hard for officials to distinguish legal from illegal catches when boats unload in Las Palmas, bound for the lucrative European market. This major two-part exposé takes to the high seas with activists and fisheries police as they fight to bring the pirate trawler owners to justice.

Video Language: English