The Strange Disappearance of the Bees

58 mins2011

The Strange Disappearance of the Bees is a frightening documentary about how mass deaths of bees have recently swept all over the world. Increasingly each spring, beekeepers open their hives to find entire colonies wiped out. And beekeepers aren't the only ones who are worried. Bees pollinate at least a third of the world's crops. If the dramatic decline in worldwide bee populations continues, essential food crops could disappear, along with entire ecosystems.

Bringing together the latest scientific research, The Strange Disappearance of the Bees looks at the dramatic colony collapses in beehives around the world. There is no one smoking gun responsible for killing bees. Instead, a constellation of factors is stressing bees more than ever before.

While there may be no easy answers as to why bee colonies are collapsing, this documentary makes a convincing case that the current industrial agricultural model may to blame—killing off the very pollinators that it requires in order to survive. Bees have the task of keeping the world alive. If they go in sufficient numbers, we may well follow.