What one, two, three or more things are you excited about implementing immediately to get going on your path to personal sustainability that ripples out to benefit the global community?

Be empowered by knowing there are things you can do now to start making a difference for the sustainability of our civilization and our planet, and be inspired by the ideas you'll learn in this episode to get started now.

Instructor/Host: Nathan Crane
Featuring: Nathan Crane, Toby Hemenway, David Sandoval, Amanda Bramble, Blackhorse Shasta, Tommy Wells, Sam Coffman, Rehmannia Dean Thomas, Marjory Wildcraft, Mike Adams, Rob Daigle, Peia Luzzi, Kate Armstrong, Charles Chen, Johanna Sophia, Sergei Boutenko, Dave Hunter, Patrick Pynes, Steven Druker, Zach Weiss, David Braden, Aloka Nanda, Rich Ruster, Kate and Mark Sorensen, John Rouilac, David Warr, Rolf Winters, Jill Winger, Charlie Orme, Howard Story, Jacqueline Freeman and Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Video Language: English