Sustainable Energy, Buildings, Resources, and Systems

The Search for Sustainability with Nathan Crane
S1:Ep91 hr, 16 mins2015

Many modern buildings are toxic to our health and well being. Some people are more noticeably affected by this, but all are affected none-the-less. How do we create new environments through building that sustain our health and humanity, as well as the environment itself?

Get ready to re-think modern buildings as not only being sturdy and efficient, but also sustainable to humanity and the planet.

Instructor/Host: Nathan Crane
Featuring: Nathan Crane, Charlie Orme, Nancy Meyer, Kate and Mark Sorensen, Tommy Wells, DJ Cavem, Alkemia Earth, Paul Wheaton, Aliza Gravitz, Amanda Bramble, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, John Roulac, Sam Coffman, Marjory Wildcraft, Aton Edwards, Kate Armstrong and Johanna Sophia
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