T-Rex, Star City, Tesla

S1:Ep1123 mins2008

After 65 million years, dinosaurs are making a comeback! Walking with Dinosaurs, based on a BBC series, features 15 full-sized animatronic dinosaurs. Star City is Russia's long-time space flight training facility, and astronauts from many nations who are headed for the International Space Station come there to train. It's also the site for tests and planning for a long-duration flight to Mars. The Tesla Electric Roadster isn't your typical hybrid vehicle. It looks like a prestigious sports car, and is selling so well in Southern California that the company can't make them fast enough. Researchers in Cairo and Brooklyn are applying scanning and DNA technology to the study of ancient Egyptian mummies. The University of New South Wales is testing a new kind of hard contact lens that is worn at night to reshape the cornea while the wearer sleeps, allowing for near 20/20 vision during the day.

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