The Gurus Explore
S1:Ep743 mins2007Guest: Trevor Chocrane, Mellisa King, Neville Passmore, Nigel Ruck

Taiwan is a country with a rich culture and amazing history and the most spectacular landscape. The gurus travel back in time from the modern city of Taipei to aboriginal cultures of Formosa. Along the way they take in many of the sights and experience from Taiwan’s rich history.

In Taipei, we’ll look at things like the fascinating garden, historic food and amazing buildings The Grand Hotel. Taiwanese culture is infused with elements of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism so that temples and the occasional monastery are a beautiful distraction in almost every town you pass through. A visit to the Taipei flower markets underneath a freeway reveals treasures such as cherry blossoms, Penjing and all sorts of unusual plants. For unforgettable natural beauty, Kenting National Park has amazing coral reefs and wind-swept sand dunes as well as forest and mountains.

Featuring: Trevor Chocrane, Mellisa King, Neville Passmore, Nigel Ruck
Video Language: English