Taiwan & Jersey

Unusual Cultures
S1:Ep826 mins2012

In the eyes of most of the world, the island of Taiwan is part of China. In fact, however, dozens of local tribes with unique culture lived here before the arrival of the Chinese. Today they constitute a minority among the population of the island, but they still maintain their ancient traditions. We will see how they perform their night ritual at the Sun Moon Lake to pay tribute to their ancestors for a rich harvest. And of course, we will not forget the Chinese majority. Having been isolated from continental China and communist dictatorship, local Chinese people preserved their cultural heritage in the purest possible form. We will discover the pure nature of the tea ceremony, traditional calligraphy and ocarina playing. We will visit fascinating temples, where traditional Taiwan deities blend with Buddhism, Taoism, or Confucianism. In addition to traditional sanctuaries, we will see a super-modern Buddhist convent, where the traditional faith blends in an incredible symbiosis with the most modern technologies.

An almost forgotten island in the English Channel, Jersey is one of the richest places in the world thanks to offshore business. On the one hand, you can see the highest number of Porsches per capita in the world; on the other hand, ancient Norman traditions are still alive. Local people believe in witchcraft, grow giant cabbages that are used to produce sticks to punish disobedient wives, and, when the time comes, they hold mystic rituals among the megalithic

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