A Tale of Two Tigers

Zoo Diaries
S3:Ep724 mins2002

It’s a big day for Ollie, the supervisor in the Indomalaya pavilion. After last year when Tatyana, the Siberian tiger had babies that didn’t survive, today he will finally get to check up on her new babies with vet Graham Crawshaw. This time the cubs are healthy … though not too happy with the intrusion of these poking and prodding humans.

This is what it is all about for Andrea the ferret keeper. Today she has to catch and crate 24 ferret babies born this year and 3 adults. They are being taken to the airport to fly to the U.S. so they can be released back into their natural habitat. She and Charles have to work quickly so that the ferrets make their plane.

Tahra is a seasonal keeper at the zoo who is being trained to work with the birds of prey in the bird show. She has worked with the small hawk before but today she gets to work with a bigger one, a Lanner named Maverick. Maverick can dive at speeds of up to 200 kms per hour. Tahra has to control the hawk and stay out of his way.

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