Tashi Rapten, the Loftiest Dream in the World

Children of the World
S1:Ep343 mins2009

Tashi Rapten, 14, is one of some 700 boys studying Buddhist teachings at a monastery school in Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. All of the boys have left their homes to stay and study at the school, which is supported by the government and charges no tuition.

Becoming a monk is a very honorable occupation in Bhutan, which is a Buddhist country. Tashi Rapten has been at the school for almost a year, and we follow him through his daily routine of prayer, studying and chores. We watch as he has two opportunities to be blessed by the 71st Jekhenpo, the Supreme Leader of Bhutan Buddhism, and then we follow him on a pilgrimage to the historic Thaksang Monastery.

Like the other students at the school, Tashi Rapten is poor and has few material goods, but every day he asks the meaning of life and he strives to follow the path in his heart that leads to truth.

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