A Terrible Beauty

Geldof in Africa
S1:Ep629 mins2005Guest: Bob Geldof

Twenty years later, Bob Geldof returns to Ethiopia, the land that inspired Band Aid and Live Aid - a country that is now growing and thriving in many ways. Where once he saw a barren landscape filled with devastation and starvation now grows green fields and a people returning to a new kind of prosperity. Ethiopia does not disappoint as Geldof explores its rich and vibrant history that is still alive today. He sees such sites as a 12th Century cathedral carved into stone and visits the Mursi tribe who still live much the same way as their ancestors did. Bustling cities of Addis Ababa and Harar show the affluence and adaptability of the growing Ethiopian economy. This is an episode filled with hope, not just for Ethiopia but for all of Africa as well.

Featuring: Bob Geldof
Video Language: English