Testing a Tapir

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep2424 mins2002

Bud the cheetah has come all the way from South Africa to provide the zoo with a new bloodline. Today, he meets Crystal, the zoo’s testiest female. And you think you’ve had some bad blind dates!

Toronto vet Graham Crawshaw’s favorite animal has a new home. Simon the tamandua is in Wichita, Kansas, to meet (and, it is hoped, mate with) his new girlfriend, Saavik. Pound-for-pound, they’re the strongest mammals at the zoo, with claws capable of tearing up concrete. But can the two of them build a rapport from scratch?

Keeper Karyn Tunwell says her day isn’t complete unless she’s done something to engage the animals. Today, she’s laying out toys and food for Sherman, an aging Malayan Tapir who’s losing his sight. But she’s still excited to watch him find the treats and to give him a rewarding shower afterwards.

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