Testing Tatiana

Zoo Diaries
S1:Ep923 mins2002

Hobo is the oldest wolf at the zoo and his health is failing. Dr. Graham Crawshaw and Hobo’s keeper, Ken Greig, catch him up and bring him to the health centre for tests. Unfortunately, he has several large tumors, and in a gripping scene with his long-time keeper looking on, Hobo has to be put down.

Today Karen Hamilton has come to collect feces from Tatiana the Siberian tiger. The zoo will test the feces to see whether Tatiana is pregnant. Dave Rickwood, a reproductive technician, does the testing and with his supervisor, Dr. Karen Goodrow, they confirm that Tatiana is a beaming mother-to-be.

The biggest snake in the zoo, a massive 200 pound reticulated python, is due for his regular weighing. Rick Vos and a team of keepers have to catch him up, box him and weigh him – all this in front of dozens of interested spectators at the zoo.

Video Language: English