The Gurus Explore
S1:Ep1743 mins2008Guest: Trevor Cochrane, Kim Syrus

The Gurus have come to Phuket Island, a paradise known as Thailand. The Truly amazing Thai culture, its beautiful people and unique and delicious food have made this place a must see experience for travelers. They visit many of the wildlife and natural places of beauty as well as visiting many of the luxurious spas and resorts that have world class accommodations and amenities.

We start the journey in Patong. It is the entertainment center of Phuket with lots of great food, cabaret performances, and lots of shopping. Next, it is off to an eco-tourist kayaking tip through an oyster cave. The Palace of the Elephant Façade is part of a huge theme park full of fantasy that will transport you to another time and place. Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp it is also the ideal starting point for an ideal rainforest and elephant experience. An experienced guide will take you along many different types of excursions through the rainforest or over the lake. There is something for everyone to do in Thailand it is a travel experience you will never forget.

Featuring: Trevor Cochrane, Kim Syrus
Video Language: English