Brendan, suffering from back pains, ventures north into the hills and mountains to meet a shamanic healer from the Lahu tribe. Brendan then travels further north to visit another shaman in the hope of finding a cure. The shaman keeps the bad spirits of the village under lock in his very own spirit prison. The pains get worse. Brendan returns to Chaing Rai in search of traditional medicine and at Chaing Rai hospital Brendan learns that he has Typhus.

After a few days recovery, he has sessions of tarot and face reading. Crossing the border into Burma, Brendon meets Maria, a member of the Lahu tribe, and a recent convert to Catholicism. As a visionary and healer, she tells Brendan her story. Traveling farther inland an interesting reading is given by a monk who is constructing his own temple in the mountains. Back at the border, Brendan finds a clairvoyant who protects himself from evil spirits with body tattoos and skin-suction therapy. With several predictions warning about the dangers of water, Brendan is about to embark on a trip down the mighty Mekong river…

Instructor/Host: Brendon McDonnell
Video Language: English