Thailand: Chatuchak

Markets of the World
S1:Ep426 mins2002Guest: Fraser Macnaught

The Chatuchak market extends over of 21 acres and is a reflection of Bangkok itself; immense but well organized. It is a truly unbelievable weekend event. Before 1992 the Chatuchak market was made up of tents but it took 20 years to evolve from tents to solid roofs. Now, it is divided it into 21 sectors to make shopping easier. The Market As it is always improving a subway station is soon to be installed.

Likewise anything and everything produced or distributed in Thailand can be found here …clothes, domestic animals, all kinds of merchandise. It is just like in a department store, but much cheaper. The most important thing is that you can bargain for the prices that you want. The quality of life, a constant smile, religious tolerance and economic growth represent the basic foundations for generations to come.

Featuring: Fraser Macnaught
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