This Week on Gaia: December 4 - 10

This Week on Gaia
S1:Ep2965 mins

Uncover the newest episodes available this week. Look for full episode names below to watch right now or add them to your playlist to watch later. Feed your curiosity with the latest thought-provoking shows, only on Gaia.

Giza: A New Theory with Armando Mei

Into the Vortex | A Debrief on UAP Narratives with Scott Wolter

Truth Hunter | The Self-Correcting Universe with Linda Moulton Howe, Tactical Advisor Tim

Cosmic Disclosure | Sentient UFOs & Lunar Technology with Emery Smith, David Adair, Tactical Advisor Tim

Beyond Belief | Encounters With ETs & Angels with Devara Thunderbeat

Open Minds | Enneagram & Relationships with Frank De Luca