Threads of Change: The Tarahumara of Copper Canyon

200828 mins

Located in the Sierra Madre Mountains, the Copper Canyon is home to the second largest group of North American indigenous people, called the Tarahumara. While they cling fast to their traditional ways, deforestation and climate change brings drought, poverty and starvation. Strangely enough, there is hope for these people with the rising of the tourism industry. Their craft industry is starting to grow, which brings about new concerns of modern technology vs. tradition.

Anthropologist Susan Smith takes us along as she meets with the Tarahumara to examine their situation and offer solutions. Perhaps further complicating the issues, Susan brings a gift of a sewing machine. We are offered the unique opportunity to see how this community accepts this gift and adapts their traditional ways to the new technology. Have their lives been enhanced or grown all the more complicated?