A Threat in the Ocean: The Delicate Balance of the Coral Reefs of Comores

Blue Reef Adventures
S1:Ep925 mins1998

For the past decade filmmakers Peter and Stefania have been exploring the wonders of the Indian Ocean. By their accounts the coral reefs off the islands of the Comores have ranked among the most breathtaking and magnificent that they have seen. On a return filming trip a noticeable change had occurred: this once remarkable underwater world, teeming with fish and brilliantly colored coral had become bleached and lifeless. A once prolific eco-system was noticeably devoid of life.

Pandemics of coral bleaching are sweeping the world tropical reefs – an effect of pollution and global warming. In an attempt to create awareness of the growing problem, and to encourage people to consider the effects of increasing industrialization, Peter and Stefania have documented the changes.

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