Thunderbirds, Telescope, Medicine

S1:Ep1223 mins2008

The Thunderbirds, a U.S. Air Force demonstration squadron, have been thrilling spectators for decades with their daring feats at air shows. And now, it can be witnessed in cyberspace via internet streaming. Also, looking to the sky, the European Space Agency has developed what will be the largest ever infrared space observatory. The telescope has the ability to detect some of the coldest and more remote parts of the universe. Back on Earth, Honda is developing robots, such as ASIMO, that can interact with human beings. We also look at efforts to measure slight shifts in Earth's gravity, advances in scanning technology, such as faster CT scanners and portable ultrasound devices; and efforts to fight smog by delivering cleaner gasoline more cleanly – including a robot arm to dispense gasoline.

Video Language: English