A Tiger with an Attitude

Zoo Diaries
S3:Ep524 mins2002

Alice is a goofy looking Bactrian camel. One of the best ride camels at the zoo, her jaw was broken in infancy by her mother and today her tongue hangs out of her mouth. It’s her birthday and keepers Karen and Dan want to do something special for her. They let zoo visitors know there’s going to be a small party and they make a cake of hay and vegetables and get together at the camel ride area for a birthday bash.

Rengat is a Sumatran tiger with an attitude problem. Each night when Des, his keeper, has to put him back into the tiger house, Rengat jumps at Des. And even after years of working with Rengat, Des admits that the sight of a tiger attacking, even behind a strong mesh, takes his breath away. Today Des shows us what it is like to bring Rengat in for the evening.

Nelson is a favorite of the seal keepers. He has been hand-raised and trained by the keepers here at the zoo and has formed a close bond with them. A few days ago, he was having trouble breathing so the vets brought him to the health center for observation. Today he has taken a turn for the worse. He is blowing up like a balloon and nobody knows why. Louisa and Dr. Crawshaw are trying everything to keep him alive.

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