Tika Pana Pana

Sea Legends
S1:Ep622 minsGuest: Allan Wenger

Every day of the year at 3 a.m., even before the sun rises over the port, boats get ready to leave for the open sea. The place is on the island of Huahiné in the Société archipelago where fishing for bonito fish is tied to an ancient legend.

Using the flight of birds to guide his boat, Blanc Blac sets out for his daily catch. Join Blanc Blanc as he demonstrates his traditional fishing equipment, explaining how he uses and learned to make it. After catching nearly 100 fish, his day is not done as the fish must be eaten the same day they are caught. Traveling around the island, Blanc Blanc announces his arrival with a blast of a conch shell, drawing customers to his boat to buy the freshly caught and cleaned fish.

Featuring: Allan Wenger
Video Language: English