Today We Have the Power

1 hr, 3 mins2011

Today We Have The Power is a feature documentary feature that delves beneath the mayhem and madness of the 1999 WTO protests, goes deep into the issues that brought people to Seattle, and even deeper into the spiritual crisis at the root of the problems that inspired the event.

For one week in 1999 the world was transfixed by shocking images of Seattle police brutally attacking ordinary American citizens who came to protest the World Trade Organization meetings being held there. The story most people remember is that a peaceful protest was disrupted by a small band of masked anarchists intent on violence, forcing the police to intervene.

Years later, people still don't know why unprecedented numbers of people from all walks of life came to protest the WTO in the first place. The blasts of tear gas, rubber bullets and shattered windows may have obscured the reasons for the protests, but those reasons haven't gone away: denigration of human life, species extinction, environmental destruction and social decay remain the heavy tolls we pay for our way of globalization.