A Tortoise Learns to Listen

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep2924 mins2002

Subira, a young gorilla, has been removed from the main troop because his rowdy playfulness is a threat to its youngest members. Today, he’ll meet Jomo and Catherine, who live together, but rarely interact. The hope is that Subira and Jomo will interact.

Doni the male Komodo dragon has come to Toronto to breed their two females. So far, he’s only smelled them through the walls of their pens. Today, he’ll see them for the first time through a plexiglass “howdy door.” If all goes well, he’ll meet them face-to-face in a few days.

Missy is young by Aldabra Tortoise standards. She’s only 52. But she has cataracts, and that means she has at least another half-century to live. She’s already been trained to come to a target, but with her vision failing, she’ll need to navigate by sound, not by sight.

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