Tota, An Amazonian Monkey – Peru

Wild Orphans with Olivia Mokiejewski
S1:Ep350 mins2011

Deep in the Peruvian Amazon, one of nature’s last luxurious strongholds, Olivia Mokiejewski reveals the fragile destiny of the woolly monkey. Victims of pet trafficking and the disappearance of their habitat, the woolly monkey is one of the forest’s gardeners. His role is essential to the Amazon ecosystem’s balance.

Our journey begins at the Ikamaperu Orphanage which lies near the gateway to the Amazon. Before all else, Tota and Hector, two residents seized in Lima must be cared for. Hector suffers from diabetes and obesity. His owners stuffed him with cakes. Tota, for her part, has never lived in contact with her fellow creatures of the wild. She doesn’t know how to climb trees. Neither of them would survive in their natural habitat.

For these emotionally sensitive monkeys, it’s vital to live in a group away from humans. Working side by side with Hélène Collongues, Olivia works to help return these vital animals back to their own kind.

Instructor/Host: Olivia Mokiejewski
Video Language: English