Tracking the White Reindeer

Becoming a Man
S1:Ep550 mins

In the snow-covered plains of northern Mongolia, the Tsaatan nomads are a proud and free people who live off hunting and gathering. They travel on the backs of reindeer, on which they completely depend to survive in this hostile and remote land.

Quizilol and the beautiful Solongo are in love. They dream of getting married and settling down. But Solongo’s father is not an easy man to please, and believes that Quizilol, at 18, is not mature enough to marry his daughter. To prove that he is man enough to marry, the adolescent must show he is capable of raising a herd of reindeer by himself.

His family gives him a young stallion to start off, one that promises to be an excellent stud. Quizilol hopes that this white male reindeer will help him change his future father-in-law’s mind. During a blizzard however, the stallion escapes into the spirit dwelling mountains. If it crosses the nearby Russian border, it will be lost forever. The young man can only count on himself to capture the animal. Only if he succeeds will he marry Solongo.

Video Language: English