Traditional Chinese Medicine (Effrem Korngold & Harriet Beinfield)

Well-Being with Dr. John MacCallum
S1:Ep723 mins1998Guest: Effrem Korngold, Harriet Beinfield

Effrem Korngold and Harriet Beinfield, authors of Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine, reveal how Chinese medicine is much more than a set of techniques with herbs and acupuncture. Seeing the mind and body as unified, not separate as in the Western view, gives rise to new ways of accessing healing for the whole human being. Both physical and non-physical aspects of the body/mind, for example blood and Chi (life force, aliveness), are acknowledged and addressed. Chinese medicine, at it's core, is about facilitating the free flow of Chi and blood, enabling the organism to be more adaptive and reach it's

Instructor/Host: Dr. John MacCallum
Featuring: Effrem Korngold, Harriet Beinfield
Video Language: English