The Troubled Ocean

The Ocean Mosaic
S1:Ep652 mins1999Guest: John Stoneman

Years ago, the sea was considered an endless supply of food, a picture-perfect portrait of creation, and a limitless source of enjoyment and discovery. In recent decades, however, people have begun to realize, and to protest, the careless and brutal treatment of the world’s oceans. We now know that there is a limit to how much we can take from the ocean, without permanently decimating fish stocks. Global warming also presents an acute threat to ocean health as does the constant and growing bombardment of pollution. Perhaps the greatest danger, however, is the apathy of the human race. In this incredible and alarming documentary film, environmentalist and award-winning film maker John Stoneman studies all of these problems as he visits many parts of the globe that have suspect conservation records, and educates us on how we should respond. Efforts to halt these potentially catastrophic forces have traditionally been weak, but the political will may now be forming to give new life to the effort to save our seas.

Featuring: John Stoneman
Video Language: English