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Capable of reaching weights approaching 1,000 pounds, red tuna (also known as bluefin tuna) have been prized as a commercial catch at least as far back as the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians. Besides their commercial value as food, their great size and the speed and power they display has attracted the admiration and respect of both ancient and modern fishermen.

Nevertheless, the “Great Red” has a weak point, as it is forced to travel into two very dangerous places to reproduce. One of these areas is the Gulf of Mexico and the other the Mediterranean Sea. In the former, the oil spillage is jeopardizing the future these fish, and in the latter, this disaster is just beginning to occur.

Besides oil, the tuna has an even bigger enemy – sushi, the quintessential Japanese dish. The best tuna in the world can sell for as much as 30,000 Euros for just one specimen in Tokyo. This high price has caused the Tuna War to escalate and has pitted fishermen against ecologists in a long-standing controversy. Ultimatuna reveals the tragedy of the red, and the efforts made by scientists and institutions to save it.