Underwater Creatures

201152 mins

For centuries, the coast of Galicia in northwest Spain was considered the end of the known world. Its sea is rough and mysterious, and under its surface there is one of the richest biodiversities of the planet – an ocean teeming with life and full of amazing creatures.

Cephalopods have settled their kingdom here. They are creatures with a developed intelligence and a notorious capacity for learning and camouflage. With the assistance of Roger T. Hanlon, the most prestigious scientists in the field of cephalopods, this documentary reveals unpublished behaviors of these animals like courting, mating and spawning.

The impeccable photographic quality of these underwater images has been possible thanks to the use of very sophisticated diving equipment, which does not produce bubbles and does not scare the animals. These careful techniques allow this film to show the underwater creatures in their unique habitats.