Unexpected Arrival

Zoo Diaries
S1:Ep1223 mins2002

Tatiana the Siberian tiger has given birth prematurely and the cub is in trouble. In an effort to bite the umbilical chord, the first-time mother has bitten off the baby’s hind leg. Keeper Ollie Claffey and the veterinary staff have no choice but to euthanize the cub.

John Armstrong is taking Aasha, a super friendly hornbill, for a walk to meet the zoo visitors. Aasha lives in the health centre because she’s blind. John and Aasha have a strong bond and John likes to take her out for an occasional walk.

A young cheetah named Zoey is due for an exam. Heather Tomaso, the cheetah keeper, helps Dr. Graham Crawshaw sedate and work on Zoey. Cheetahs are extremely endangered and Zoey is part of an international breeding program to save the species.

Video Language: English