The atmosphere is somewhat surreal, with ancient sites situated in a beautiful and mysterious landscape. Huge military activities juxtaposed with crop circles are what you can expect to see during a typical summer in Wiltshire. But that’s not all. In this episode you will see that there are many other strange occurrences. Glowing balls of light floating in the skies are frequently reported, and even captured on film. Is there a connection between the crop circle mystery, ancient sites, and these other strange phenomenon in the area?

In this episode we will join two experienced researchers on another night watch. Equipped with infrared night vision cameras, their aim is to obtain filmed evidence of this strange phenomenon as it occurs. What was caught on camera this night will truly surprise you.

The crop circle community still struggles with the big question of who really makes these formations. What are genuine crop circles (not man-made) and what are hoax crop circles (man-made)? Evidence in support of both sides of the argument is regularly put forward, but actual concrete proof is very difficult to nail down. We were on hand one night when a new formation was discovered. Who made it?

Video Language: English