Uniting Movement and Breath

S1:Ep1VinyasaModerate-21 hr, 12 mins

Let Seane Corn inspire you with intimate hour of Vinyasa yoga. In the first few minutes, Seane offers some words of wisdom, sharing how the Vinyasa practice is all about linking movement with breath and breath with spirit. Then, we move into a 60-minute flow that features sun salutations, strong standing and balancing postures, twists. Precise alignment cues are weaved throughout so that you can stack your bones appropriately and stretch and tone your muscles evenly. As you move throughout the practice, the point is not to judge the experience, but rather to get into your body, explore, and melt into the guidance of your breath, moment-by-moment.

Props: Two blocks

Instructor/Host: Seane Corn
Video Language: English