The Unlikely Window Washers

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep1224 mins2002

Josephine, a lowland gorilla, has a baby. This is wonderful for the zoo but it presents a problem. When Josephine had babies in the past she didn’t have enough milk to feed them. So they had to be taken away to be hand-raised. Vanessa and Dianne don’t want to take Jospehine’s baby away so they are keeping close watch on the health of the baby. So far so good.

Ken Greig, the keeper in the Canadian Domain, has to catch an arctic wolf to send to a zoo in Germany. The problem is it has to be a female and it is difficult to tell the sexes apart through all that beautiful white fur. To add to the difficulty, the keepers know that once a wolf is removed from the pack it will not be accepted back. So if they catch up the wrong one it could mean a difficult time for that wolf.

Judy is on the custodial staff at the zoo. One of her jobs is cleaning the windows in the orangutan exhibit. In the process she has become friends with several of the orangs who come around to watch Judy work. Judy says they have even bonded. Today the orangs clean one side of the glass while Judy cleans the other side.

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