Upgrades for Grandma

Healthy Home with Tamara Stanners
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The Marcus family has renovated their 1903 vacation home with consideration for Grandmother Elaine Ellenbogen’s poor eyesight. The house uses light, texture, sound and smells to help her get around with ease, and the whole family enjoys the healthy benefits of designing for the senses.

Lori Baker, maker of bees-wax candles guide us through the process of making our own candles from natural ingredients.

We examine the healthiest paint options on the market so you can paint to your heart’s content and stay healthier doing it!

At age 87, ex-ballet dancer Clara Cole plans to move into a care facility near her daughter Nikila (former dancer and choreographer) and her granddaughter Sara (who has been dancing since she was four years old). The move will give Clara the care and attention that she needs as she ages, will take most of the pressure of Clara’s care off of her children and will bring this multigenerational dance–loving family closer together.

Instructor/Host: Tamara Stanners
Video Language: English