A Very Cagey Komodo

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep2024 mins2002

It’s the middle of the night, and Julie Hannah’s day is only beginning. She’s just returned from Minnesota with Doni, one of the few male Komodo dragons available to North American zoos. First up, unpacking this voracious beast. Then, getting him outside into the morning sun – UV rays are important to breeding. If they get things off on the right foot, it won’t be long before the world’s largest lizards produce some tiny offspring.

Rolf-Arne Olberg is a first-year vet resident at the zoo. Today, he’ll be firing a dart gun for the first time. The goal: anesthetize Wild Bill, the zoo’s newest bison, long enough to do a TB test on him.

After two months of treatment in the health center, it’s time for Dixie the llama to rejoin the herd. It’s a distance of only a few hundred yards, but with Dixie’s strong will, it won’t be a short trip.

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