Brendan travels to Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur to find out if fortune telling has any real answers for him. In Ho Chi Minh city, Madame Cuc explains that fortune telling is illegal in Vietnam and frowned upon by the middle classes. However, poor people still have access to fortune tellers who operate underground. After spending a day with the colorful and unusual Cao Dai religious sect, Brendan is taken to a secret location to meet a female fortune teller who tells him his wife is fat.

In Hoi An, Brendan is introduced to Jong Yen, an old Chinese coin reader. At the market in Hoi, Brendan tries his hand at reading traders' palms with funny results. He spends a whole afternoon with a Feng Shui expert. Leaving for Halong Bay Brendan has time to reflect about the journey so far before flying to Kuala Lumpur to meet Master Chin, the Far East's most remarkable reader.

Instructor/Host: Brendan McDonnell
Video Language: English