A provocative look at the broken medical system in America and how our definition of health is skewed. This movie takes us through a journey into LIFESTYLE and teaches us basic things we can do every day that can enhance our health. The mechanistic model of a pill for an ill or replaceable body parts has proven to be ineffective and burdensome. Vitality is a look at how our bodies can thrive given the right inputs and habits. It is funny, punchy, and very informative. It teaches the viewer practical pearls while laying out out a model for healthcare that is sane and far less expensive than the one we have today.

Vitality is the future of medicine, and the world-renowned experts in this film show us the how and the why. It is more than merely the absence of disease - it is being able to live life fully and thrive.

Featuring: Pedram Shojai, Bruce Lipton, Hyla Cass, Alberto Villoldo, Benjamin Rubin