Vita's Will (Debbie Gisonni)

Living in Balance with Georgia Shakti-HIll
S1:Ep11523 mins2001Guest: Debbie Gisonni

Debbie Gisonni talks about her book, Vita’s Will, which deals with the healing she went through after the death of four family members in four years. In this program, she tells the stories of those who died, who they were, what led to their deaths and how she felt.

From these experiences she developed a process to heal through the grief that she offers as a series of prayers in her book, reflecting her inner struggles; the same inner struggles that everyone has in dealing with death. In addition, a list of coping methods is explained to help one move from a place of anger and sadness to a place of love and acceptance.

Instructor/Host: Georgia Shakti-HIll
Featuring: Debbie Gisonni
Video Language: English