Warthog Babies in Trouble

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep924 mins2002

Pumba the warthog has had her third litter of piglets, and it’s time for the vets and keepers to examine them, administer an important series of injections, and insert microchips for identification. But when they reintroduce the piglets to mom, she rejects them, and the staff must wrack their brains for a solution.

In the wild, tigers aren’t exactly used to “playing.” They’ve got enough on their plates, just keeping enough on their plates! But all that stalking and chasing keeps them physically and mentally fit. At the zoo, the keepers are always thinking of ways of keeping their tigers on the ball. The best way just might be to give them one.

It’s a new area more than a year in the making: an aviary where zoo visitors – especially young ones - can come for a hands-on experience that will make them zoo fans for life. The staff has been training the lories for hand-feeding for months

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