Water: Second Chakra

S1:Ep3TherapeuticAll Levels-1, 242 mins

In this segment of The Healing Elements series with Kate Potter she works with the element of water. Kate is joined by her student, Heather. Heather found her love for yoga after being diagnosed with leukemia and breast cancer. The movement and breath give rise to finding your current, and is meant to be playful and lush. Your current is full of rolling, dipping, rounding, curving, and arching with the waves of breath. This sequence stays low to the ground, and does not come to standing but uses movement on all fours. Use this practice for recovery from drug therapies (including chemo), PD, and MS. Take it at your own pace and don’t push. Learn to use the amazing momentum of your breath to help strengthen the core of the body.

Contraindications: DO NOT do if you have wrist of shoulder injuries. If your knees are injured use props. Be very mindful with back pain or FMS.

Props: 4 blocks, meditation cushion

Instructor/Host: Kate Potter
Video Language: English