A Waterless Planet

Checking the Earth
S1:Ep847 mins2010

The human body is made up of water. Two-thirds of our planet is made up of water. Thus we should have water in excess – though nothing is further from the truth. Ninety-seven percent of this liquid is part of the ocean – saltwater. And of the remaining three percent, more than half is stuck in the poles or remains at great depths underground. Only one percent of the planet’s water is available for use.

With that one percent, humanity has survived without any problems for millennia. But now things have changed. In the last 100 years, we’ve created methods of development that have allowed for the drastic increases in quality of life of some societies. The problem is that the benefits of this development have not been global, nor have they occurred in a sustainable way. The environment and particularly sources of fresh water are deteriorating in a way that seems unstoppable.

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