Waves of Gold and Silver

Sea Legends
S1:Ep726 minsGuest: Allan Wenger

The island of Huahiné, in the Société archipelago, where Rua Hatu, god of the sea, gave Polynesia a wonderful treasure: gold and silver colored fish. Even more importantly, he cautioned the people not to destroy the ancient stone fish traps. They were there to save the people from famine as they are vast storage houses where anyone can help themselves to the fish.

Yvan Vivi is a Polynesian fisherman whose family has tended to the traps for generations. Every night the fish are trapped in the enclosures, and every morning Yvan and his family clear the fish out. Not only is it hard work, but there are many dangers, including sharks, rock fish and diseases. Despite the concerns, Yvan and his family prosper, as they have for generations, from these ancient fish traps of mysterious and ancient origin.

Featuring: Allan Wenger
Video Language: English