West Ireland

The Gurus Explore
S1:Ep1539 mins2008Guest: NevillePassmore, Geraldine Chia, Trevor Ruck

Today’s journey will take you through magnificent ancient Irish castles, glorious gardens, and there is also a cook-up using locally grown products. The Gurus have come to the west of Ireland to take you through the counties of Sligo, Mayo, and Galway. The west coast of Ireland is world renowned as a first class fishing destination. To begin, you must find a gillie. A gillie is a guide or a boatman, who can help you get set up with all the fishing gear and can be organized by your hotel.

Ashford Castle in Mayo County, popular for tourists, was constructed in 1228. The castle has housed the high kings of Ireland, the O'Conner clan and in more recent times the Guinness family. Tourist can explore falconry at the castle, and get up close and personal with some of Ireland’s finest raptors. In County Sligo, we find the Carrowmore Megalithic cemetery. It is one of the most significant prehistoric sites in the whole of Western Europe. Other sites include Carrowmore Abby, one of the most striking castles in all of Ireland, Galway city, located on the west coast of Ireland, and Salmon Weir Bridge over the River Corrib is a dream spot for Salmon fishing.

Featuring: NevillePassmore, Geraldine Chia, Trevor Ruck
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