What Happened to the Prince I Married? (Dr. Sirah Vettese)

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S1:Ep7524 mins1999Guest: Dr. Sirah Vettese

Sirah Vettese, author of What Happened to the Prince I Married?, touches on spiritual healing for a wounded relationship. Is it a fantasy or does your prince exist? The honeymoon's over, so how do we cope with the more challenging parts of our other half?

Sirah reveals how to start with ourselves. Only we have the choice to become more powerful, effective and loving and to create the life we desire. Using the analogy of Beauty and the Beast, she encourages us to own the powerful parts of ourselves daily and realize that relationships don't work when someone is playing the victim role, even with good intentions. Authentic empowerment is the name of the game in order to be most effective with your partner day to day.

Instructor/Host: Corinne Edwards
Featuring: Dr. Sirah Vettese
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